Plunge into the heart of the living agricultural heritage


Dating back to 1993, our museum has a collection of over 150 farm machinery all in working order. Guardian of the rurality, it also presents the old wooden trades populating our villages in the past. Enter a 3,600 square meter discovery area divided into 3 poles.

The origins


From human-powered tools to the use of animal energy, rediscover how the land was worked before the arrival of modern agricultural machinery.


Mechanical energy has revolutionized our society: from steam to petrol engine, without forgetting electricity, penetrate into the universe that our "ancients" have known.


The whole tractor - The time of the harverst


Our tractors retrace the history of our campaigns:

from the First World War to the rural exodus of the 1950s, not to mention the democratization of the tractor after the Second World War or the arrival of "giant" tractors.


Among our models, some are very rare: AUROR of 1919, IHC TITAN of 1916, DOE 130 of 1965 ..



The combine collection is one of the most important in the world with about 70 examples of rare or unique pieces:


Caterpillar 38, Deering 8, French Company MBA 2, Merlin 531 and Guillotin MA 240, Espicadora and many others to discover ...



Witness of the past, this space is dedicated to the crafts and the craftsmanship of craftsmen.


The world of wheelwrights, saboters and coopers will have no more secrets for you.

A conservatory orchard


Consisting of more than 50 ancient species of fruit trees, our orchard conservatory is in itself a true museum of open air.


A bridge between yesterday, today and tomorrow, it teaches to the small as well as the big the different cycles of the nature while sensitizing to the need to preserve our environment.

A collection of irons


With more than 1000 pieces, our collection traces the history of irons from prehistoric times to the present day. From animal jaws to electric irons, the iron has followed the evolution of energies: embers, gas, alcohol, oil, electricity...


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